Welcome to the Team!

Welcome to the team! College can be tough, and you’re now a part of a great group of ambassadors that are there to help your friends stress less about their homework and learn more.

We’re excited to start working with you to spread the word about bartleby, but there are a few necessary HR/onboarding steps that need to be completed first. Please review these items and complete these steps within a few days of receiving your onboarding email.

IMPORTANT: To ensure that you can get started with marketing bartleby on your campus as soon as possible, please refer to your onboarding email for specific due dates for each of these items.


Complete Onboarding Forms

Please complete the following onboarding documents.

Tip! Your login and password will be the same as when you applied to the position through the Barnes and Noble Education application. Please use the same email address as your ‘username’. 

Submit I-9 Documentation

The I-9 indicates your authorization to work in the United States, based on government-issued documentation that you’ll need to provide. Acceptable documents that can be presented can be found on Page 3 of this PDF.

Once you’ve chosen the documents you’d like to submit, please email them as attachments to ambassadors@bartleby.com.

Let Us Know Your Availability for Training

Please submit your upcoming availability for a mandatory training session.

During this meeting we’ll walk through the self-guided Campus Ambassador training that you will complete over the next few days and answer any questions you have.

Submit Contact Information

Fill out this contact information form so we can send you some materials and welcome swag! 😊 The contact information you provide through that form is where we’ll send materials throughout the semester as well.

We’re excited to work with you soon!!